• Downtown

    The brothers Dick (Henry van Loon) and Dick (Roy ‘Fresku’ Reymound) only have one goal in Downtown: playing an online game in order to win the main prize money of one million euros. It’s a matter

  • Koeriers

    A young, Black runner in uptown Amsterdam wishes to become a leader of his community, one pizza at a time. Koeriers is a new comedy webseries developed for NPO3.nl in cooperation with KRO-NCRV. Watch

  • Bokken

    A horror series directed by Michiel ten Horn. In development.

  • De Pudding Club

    A new comedy series created by Flip van der Kuil & Stephan Miras, directed by Flip van der Kuil. To be developed for Comedy Central.

  • Barrie Barista and The End Of Time

    While the world is literally on fire, Barrie tries everything he can to keep his coffee bar open. Barrie is convinced that a good cup of coffee can improve any situation, but Barrie’s customers have

  • Moedermaffia

    A new comedy series written by Anjali Taneja and Zoeteke Lugthart. To be developed for Videoland.

  • Random Shit

    Comedian Henry van Loon is extremely popular. He has his own shows, various movie roles, and the hit series De Luizenmoeder. An original series starring Henry is exactly what sinking ship Videoland needs