Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman

Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil
Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil
Tim Haars, Bo Maerten, Henry van Loon, Michiel Romeyn, Dennie Christian
Maarten Swart for Kaap Holland Film © Hollands Licht
Entertainment One, RTL Nederland, Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil
Joris Kerbosch NSC
poster Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman

Ron manages to survive a drunken stunt in spectacular fashion. When bartender and best friend Peter posts the video of the stunt online, it goes viral. A shady manager smells a business opportunity; he wants to hire Ron Goossens as a low-budget stuntman. Ron is not very excited about the offer, until he discovers that his wife Angela, the love of his life, has been cheating on him with pretty much the whole town. Ron doesn’t want to lose her but Angela gives him a seemingly impossible ultimatum. If he manages to get Holland’s most successful actress into bed, she will stay with him. Ron accepts the manager’s offer and we follow our heroic ‘stuntman’ in his destructive attempts to seduce Holland’s most unreachable actress.