Nova Zembla

Reinout Oerlemans
Hugo Heinen, Reinout Oerlemans
Robert de Hoog, Derek de Lint, Victor Reinier, Teun Kuilboer, Jan Decleir, Doutzen Kroes
Reinout Oerlemans & Hans de Weers for Eyeworks Film & TV Drama © Hollands Licht
Inspire Pictures, Saga film
Executive producer
Maarten Swart, Ronald van Wechem
Lennert Hillege NSC
poster Nova Zembla

Nova Zembla tells the epic true story of a late 16th-century Dutch ship and its crew, who were forced to spend the winter on the frozen, arctic wasteland of Nova Zembla. Young Gerrit de Veer is deemed unworthy to marry the love of his life. To prove his worth, he goes on the journey of a lifetime. He gets the position of writer on board the small merchant vessel on its daring mission to find a northern trade route to Asia to free the small Dutch republic from the suffocating blockade of the Spanish navy. Their journey turns into a tragedy when the ship gets stuck in the ice, and the men are forced to spend the winter on Nova Zembla, fighting polar bears, hunger and lethal temperatures. Their chances of making it to the following spring are virtually zero…