Anna van Keimpema
Anjali Taneja, Zoeteke Lugthart
Loes Haverkort, Benja Bruijning, Beppie Melissen en Eva Laurensen.
Maarten Swart
30 september 2022
poster Moedermaffia

A new comedy series written by Anjali Taneja and Zoeteke Lugthart.
To be developed for Videoland.
In the eyes of others, the main character Daan is a ‘degenerate’ mother, who just messes around and has no idea what ‘good’ parenting is. After her divorce, Daan ends up on the couch with her mother and also has to follow a parenting course, if she doesn’t want to lose her children for good. Mother Mafia is a comedy about parenting; a subject on which everyone has an opinion but at the same time is uncertain about.