De Neukpiet

Gonzalo Fernandez
Ashar Medina
Kaap Holland Film

St. Nicholas-eve. Sometime in the near future…

The Dutch government decides that the Black-Pete-discussion has gone on long enough. The people must speak out once and for all in a referendum: for or against Black-Pete.

In the chaos that follows, an unsuccessful comedian emerges: Anthony Moreno a.k.a. the Fuck-Pete / the Neukpiet. Anthony’s caricature is embraced by a crowd he had previously seen as unattainable. The sweet taste of fame. But the more popular his alter ego becomes, the more distant he gets from his activist family, his socially conscious girlfriend, and ultimately his own soul.

De Neukpiet or: How I Found My True Self And Accidentally Unleashed a Racial war is a satirical coming-of-age drama, based on the eponymous graphic novel by Gonzalo and Ashar.