Bon Bini Holland 2

Jon Karthaus
Maarten Swart, Jandino Asporaat
Jandino Asporaat, Liliana de Vries, Sergio Romero IJssel, Dennis Rudge, Steef de Bot, Phi Nhuyen, Guido Pollemans
Maarten Swart, Sander Emmering, Nelsje Musch-Elzinga for Kaap Holland Film © Hollands Licht
Entertainment One, RTL Nederland, Het Huis Van Asporaat
Max Maloney
poster Bon Bini Holland 2

Robertico is living in Curaçao with Noella Maduro. He wants to propose to her, but before he does, something happens to Ken Maduro, Noella’s father. Things go wrong, and Noella tells Robertico she needs a break and goes to her father in The Netherlands. Noella has to take her father’s place hosting a special auction with a wealthy young man. When Robertico finds out about this, he follows her to the Netherlands to win her back. With the help of his aunt Judeska, the other staff members of FC Kip, “Radjesh,Noltie & Kofi”, and Asian hustler Ping Ping, he hopes to convince her to marry him.