• Sea of Time

    Two young people living in the eighties, full of ideas and dreams, are madly in love with each other, but a disastrous accident during a sailing trip across the Atlantic Ocean causes them to drift apart.

  • Bon Bini Holland 2

    Robertico is living in Curaçao with Noella Maduro. He wants to propose to her, but before he does, something happens to Ken Maduro, Noella’s father. Things go wrong, and Noella tells Robertico she

  • The Fantastic Family Hotel

    When his father is admitted to hospital, 13-year-old Kos has to run the family hotel with his three sisters. He tries to take the lead, but girls, and the way they act and think, are foreign to him. As

  • Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman

    Ron manages to survive a drunken stunt in spectacular fashion. When bartender and best friend Peter posts the video of the stunt online, it goes viral. A shady manager smells a business opportunity; he

  • Heart Beat

    Making music is everything to timid schoolgirl Zoë, but she hasn’t touched her guitar since her father left. When she’s hit by a tour bus carrying Mik, a Dutch superstar à la Justin Bieber, whom

  • Seventh Heaven

    In Seventh Heaven we meet Maria Rossi, who runs a wonderful Italian restaurant with her loving husband. When life takes an unexpected turn, she wants to bring her family back together. Her wish is complicated

  • Familyweekend

    A widower invites his children on a family weekend with the announcement that he has news. He’s getting married to a woman who is 30 years younger than him. This launches a battle among the children

  • Bon Bini Holland

    Robertico earns his money through Bon Bini Bungalows, a so called ‘agency’ that provides tourists with places to stay without permission of the owners. When he cheats a dangerous criminal by mistake,

  • Yes, I do!

    Rose is in her early thirties. She’s beautiful, fun and successful. But every time she dares to dream of getting married, she gets dumped. What makes things worse is that she gets invited to the weddings

  • Gift from the Heart

    A Dutch woman who works for US Cola in New York is sent to The Netherlands to launch Santa Man Cola in the period leading up to Christmas. Their new young and handsome Santa has to compete with the Dutch

  • Miracle Monks

    A group of monks lead a peaceful life, far away from the hectic, modern world. But their tranquil existence is threatened when the church wants to sell their monastery and the city council wants to turn

  • Daylight

    Ambitious attorney Iris is having a hard time balancing her life as a single mother of an autistic son, with her career as a successful lawyer. One day, while staying at her mother’s house, she stumbles


    Max and Jules are brothers from different mothers. At a young age they vow never to let a woman come between them. Over time, the brothers grow from naive kids into irresponsible adults. Jules manages

  • The Dinner

    Paul is a failed history teacher who has put his heart and soul into his family and is now confronted with the vulnerability of this happiness. His wife Claire constantly drags him away from the edge and

  • The Marathon

    Four middle-aged friends work together harmoniously in Gerard’s auto repair shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Unfortunately, business is not good. To save their shop, they need 40.000 euros, and they

  • Jackie

    Sofie and Daan are twins, but that’s all they are. They can’t seem to get along, their lifestyles are just too different. When their biological mother is hospitalized in America with a complicated

  • Nova Zembla

    Nova Zembla tells the epic true story of a late 16th-century Dutch ship and its crew, who were forced to spend the winter on the frozen, arctic wasteland of Nova Zembla. Young Gerrit de Veer is deemed

  • New Kids Nitro

    Our favourite mullet-heads from Maaskantje—Gerrie, Richard, Rikkert, Robbie and Barry—are in the midst of a huge rivalry with a bunch of dudes from the neighboring village of Schijndel. There is more

  • New Kids Turbo

    As North Brabant is hit full-force by the economic downturn and layoffs are everywhere, all the New Kids (Rikkert, Barry, Richard, Robbie and Gerrie) lose their jobs. Without any source of income, and

  • Chubby Drums

    Chubby Drums is a cheerful boy, honest and a little fat. He lives with his parents in the cosy town of Roundville, where people are outgoing and enjoy eating fatty foods. His happy life changes when his