Kaap Holland is an independent and Amsterdam based film-, series- and online production company, founded by producer Maarten Swart. Kaap Holland Film, Kaap Holland Series and Wonderboys Media consist of teams of passionate professionals that strive to bring high quality and daring projects to wide audiences. Kaap Holland Film has a solid track-record for genre films and crossover films with international appeal, as well as projects that were amongst the highest grossing in The Netherlands. In addition, Kaap Holland Film services international productions in The Netherlands. Kaap Holland Series and Wonderboys Media produce high impact TV- and online series. We work very closely together with a great deal of experienced and emerging talents – both on and off screen – in various structures and collaborations in order to do what we love best: to create and produce films and series for wide audiences in The Netherlands and around the world. 


Kaap Holland Film
Krom Boomssloot 22
1011 GW Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 854 59 77