Kaap Holland is an independent, Amsterdam-based production studio founded by producer Maarten Swart, that produces films, series, webseries and podcasts. Kaap Holland consists of the production companies and labels Kaap Holland Film, Kaap Holland Series, Dead Duck Productions, Huntu Productions, Marine Biologie, Wet Blanket Productions and Wonderboys, and works closely together with renowned production companies Big Blue and Circe Films. We are a team of passionate professionals who aim to bring ambitious, urgent and daring projects to wide audiences, and we have a solid track record for genre, crossover and mainstream films, as well as high rated series. We work with a great deal of experienced and emerging talents and showrunners in order to do what we love best: creating and producing films, series, webseries and podcasts for wide audiences in the Netherlands and around the world.


  • Founding Partner, Producer

    Maarten Swart

  • Partner, Director Business & Finance

    Jorn Baars

  • Delegate Producer Film

    Alexander Blaauw

  • Delegate Producer Series

    Sarina von Reth

  • Business & Legal

    Annelot Sitsen

  • Finance & Control

    Delinah Kalshoven

  • Post Production Producer

    Sander Brenninkmeijer

  • Creative Film & Series

    Anjali Taneja

  • Creative Film

    Judith Hees

  • Creative Series

    Sacha Gertsik

  • Assistant to the Producers

    Sanne van Rijswijk


Kaap Holland Film
Krom Boomssloot 22
1011 GW Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 854 59 77